Departmental Ezine: Mind Brew

I am extremely delighted to share the first edition of the departmental ezine Mind Brew (an e-magazine) which showcases the creative endeavours of the students and alumni of the Department of English, Durgapur Women’s College. I was amazed to find the response from our students (current and former) who willingly contributed with their wonderful paintings, poems, photographs and articles to the magazine. I feel the team ‘Mind Brew’, constituted by Sonal Mahanti, Pallabi Mondal, Ankita Ghosh, Aishika Dutta, Chumki Chakraborty and Ankita Dan of the 6th semester (2018-19 Batch), deserves a special accolade for making this possible within such a short time. They meticulously chalked out the themes, collected the materials, acted as a medium between the creators and reviewers/editors (teachers), and designed the ezine so well. Also, I sincerely hope that their efforts would inspire many other students to work for the subsequent editions of the magazine. My sole aim was to channelise the creative and critical faculties of our students towards something constructive and memorable during the torrid time. It seems Mind Brew has been so.

Please click here to download the ezine.


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